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Leg Injury


We don't take insurance or work for lawyers and that's something we are proud of.

Contracting with insurance companies is something that we have deliberately chosen not to do. This allows us to keep prices reasonable and level across the playing field and most importantly, offer services to our patients without a third party insurer deciding what's best for you.

Our number one goal is to create happy patients who spread the word about what we are doing here at Normal Health & Wellness. We encourage you to choose us for the level of care that we deliver everyday to every patient. 

Our staff puts quality over quantity
  • No deductibles

  • No EOBs or complicated billing

  • No bloated treatment plans

  • No inflated prices

  • No unnecessary services

  • No limits

Take control of your health!

Packages & Gift Cards

Need more than just a couple treatments or ​maybe some regular care?
  • Packages cover up to $50 per Chiropractic, Acupuncture, or Physical Rehab visit.

  • Packages do not cover exams or re-exams. 

  • Package pricing expires after 2 months and remaining adjusted balance will be credited to your account.

Chiropractic Packages
Four Treatment Package

This typically covers 2-4 weeks of care, which is appropriate for most minor conditions. It is also a good way to manage chronic conditions on a regular basis.

Massage Therapy Package Deals

Take a holistic approach to your care and take advantage of competitive pricing with our massage therapy packages.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of health. No matter the occasion, keeping our loved ones healthy and happy is priceless.

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