We don't take insurance and that's something we are proud of

Q: What does that mean?

A: Transparency and straightforward pricing.

Our number one goal is to create happy patients who spread the word about what we are doing here at Normal. We encourage you to choose us for the level of care that we deliver everyday to every patient.

* No deductibles
* No EOBs or complicated billing
* No bloated treatment plans
* No inflated prices
* No unnecessary services
* No limits

Need more than just a couple treatments or ​maybe some regular chiropractic care?
  • Plans do not cover exams or re-exams.

  • Each visit may be designated as acupuncture or chiropractic at your discretion.

  • Plans cover 'Regular' or 'Express' chiropractic visits and regular 'Acupuncture Visits' only.

  • Visits with multiple services 'Chiropractic & Acupuncture' or 'Chiropractic & Manual Therapy' use up two visits.

  • Chiropractic visits include full spine adjustments and associated therapies as directed by Dr Malone.

  • Acupuncture visits include a combination of modern dry needling and/or traditional Chinese needling for 15 minutes.


This typically covers a few weeks which is appropriate for most minor conditions. It is also a good way to manage chronic conditions on a monthly basis.

$ 130

This typically covers a month of regular treatment which is best for most acute conditions of moderate severity.

$ 175

This typically covers 4-5 weeks of aggressive treatment which is best for more severe conditions. It is also good for chronic conditions needing routine treatment.

$ 210
Gift Cards

Give the gift of health. No matter the occasion, keeping our loved ones healthy and happy is priceless.


Take a holistic approach to your care and get special pricing when you add up to two massages to your plan of 4/6/8.

30 Min Massage Therapy - $35
1 Hour Massage Therapy - $70

Monday - Thursday    9a - 6p

Friday    9a - 5p

*By Appointment Only

​140 E 9th St Tyler, Texas
phone: (903) 218-2238
​fax: (844) 512-6977

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