All of our massage therapists chose their career because massage had a personal impact on their life. Shonda, Jeffrey & Olivia all work hard to make your massage experience positive and effective. They are skilled in several different modalities ranging from relaxation to pain relief. 

What to Expect

There are many types and variations of massage. Swedish massage can be either a light touch or very deep depending on the client. Swedish massage is to work in a manner that increases full body circulation. The idea is to work toward the heart to renew the blood in all areas. This helps because blood is our best healer. It will not only bring new oxygen and nutrients to the area, but also flush out any toxins that may be causing inflammation. With that in mind, Swedish massage will be our starting point to build a custom massage that fits you best. You are a unique individual which means you have individual needs. Your massage therapist will customize your massage to fit your needs ​​​

Massage Discount Membership

Our discount program is a bit different than most memberships in our industry.  Here's how it works:

  • Pay $40 for the quarter (3 month span) and get $15 off every massage or spa treatment within that quarter. 

If you get one massage a month you've saved $5.  If you get a massage once a week, You've saved $180. Not only do you save money but, paying the membership can help you stay motivated to make time for yourself. 

More Than Massage

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